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Joyous Me

Reconnect to Your True Self

Understand Your True Self

Welcome to JOYOUS ME! My name is Lorinne Balsdon and what makes me my most JOYOUS ME is helping you to be your most JOYOUS YOU.


The first thing you will learn about me is that I like things that are SIMPLE, PRACTICAL and EFFECTIVE. The second thing you will learn is that I am LOYAL and COMMITTED to the task. Because of my own journey of self-exploration, I have gravitated toward modalities like Spiritual Response Therapy [SRT] and Spiritual Restructuring [SpR], because they have given me my biggest personal shifts, resulting in the release of unwanted programs and patterns that had undermined happiness in my life.


Despite best efforts and intentions, most people are caught in cycling patterns of scarcity. Whether in their relationships, finances, health, or life purpose, most people create repeating results that are less than desired. The services I offer address both the energetic conditions that are created by one’s beliefs and programs and the practical down to earth steps that invite lasting shift. If something undesired is looping in your life, I can assist you to break the limiting pattern and create a better path.


Schedule your private session for a general clearing of unwanted patterns and experience how this modality works. Then, together, we will design a plan to target specific areas of your life.






Living a JOYOUS life means giving yourself permission to create and experience your true desires.

Follow your soul. It knows the way. 

ThePoint of Origin Session

Take yourself back to the person you were before the trauma and pain. Discover the point of origin of your pain and where you’re holding the experiences in your body. 

Your Relationship With Money

Discover your personal relationship with money. Then review and clear financial patterns, programs, and beliefs you have from current and past lives.

In-Person Session​

Schedule a 1-hour private session via Zoom/Phone  



We will identify, clear and remove unwanted programs. Plus deep dive into any

areas of concern:​





Life Purpose

Remote Session

Schedule a 1-hour session from the comfort of your home.



Many of my out of town and abroad clients book these! Same style and connection as in-person sessions.

Zoom or Phone

“Every session I've had with Lorinne has blown my mind!!
Huge shifts, huge expansions, huge clearings...all life changing. Each time I find myself stalled on my path to enlightenment I contact her. She dives in and works her magic everytime.”

Linda Ingram

Get In Touch

Joyous Me, located in Grande Prairie, Alberta


Call: 780-832-2265

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