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Your Relationship With Money

Money touches almost every aspect of living.  Whether we are rich, poor or in between, we have a relationship with it as soon as we are old enough to count.  Everything we do and dream of is affected by our relationship with this powerful form of energy.


Imagine being able to approach your finances with a sense of optimism, clarity and with an open mind, instead of the fear.

Are you?

  • Overwhelmed with out of control debt and overspending?

  • Avoiding making money decisions?

  • Feel you never have enough money?

  • Find yourself repeating unwanted patterns?

  • Have fears about spending money?

  • Obsess about financial security or accumulating wealth?


I had a  35 year career as a Personal Financial  Advisor / Mortgage Specialist with a national bank.  Throughout this career I witnessed many repeated patterns and limiting beliefs from my clients.  I assisted my clients with their investments, lending needs for purchases as well as restructuring current debt.  I will bridge my past career in the banking industry with tried and proven methods of repatterning energetic relationships with money to assist you in your process.


I'll utilize the modalities of (SRT)/(SpR) Spiritual Response and Restructuring Therapy to work with your higher self in each session.   Together we will identify and clear the root causes of any limiting beliefs, unwanted patterns, and programs around your relationship with money.  The goal of this process will be to open the door for a more balanced approach to your financial well being


Book a financial clearing package!



Your Relationship With Money



  • 3  (1 hr private sessions)

  • Offered over the phone with video (Skype/Zoom) or in-person

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