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Spiritual Response Therapy & Spiritual Restructuring Therapy (SRT/SpR)

We all carry negative unresolved thoughts, feelings, and patterns from our life experiences (past or present) in our subconscious mind. Often, we set up patterns from lifetime to lifetime from these negative experiences. Those patterns are called PROGRAMS. So when we find ourselves in similar life experiences to the past these programs trigger, causing many issues and challenges for us in the now. ​

Programs are nothing more or less than negative beliefs, perceptions, and judgments we hold on an experience. It is not what happens to you in any life that creates a negative program; it is the discordant or reactive energy you attach to the event. As far as your soul record is concerned, events are merely experiences - it is the emotional energy attached to those experiences that cause subsequent difficulties.

In our session, together we will work with your Higher Self to research and identify these programs and ask that the discordant energies be cleared and replaced with positive energy.


SRT uses dowsing (a form of kinesiology) to bypass the conscious mind and its negative programming to connect with the subconscious and receive guidance from the higher self/spirit. A pendulum is used in conjunction with a very specific set of charts designed by Robert E .Detzler. The pendulum amplifies infinitesimal muscle responses and points to information (blocks) on the charts. As negative blocks are identified, they are cleared and replaced with positive energy and inner peace.


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